The Three Doctors…

As a child, I got into Doctor Who through the TV series. But, as it was the 70s, there was no DVD back catalogue – so the Target novels were my way to the stories of the previous Doctors.
When I was about eight, I gained my first Target book – it was The Three Doctors, and the cover was by Jeff Cummins (seen here on the right). I later learned that this was a second cover, used from 1976, and that the original cover from 1975 was by Chris Achilleos. I therefore found and bought myself the other copy too. It was the only one I did this for – but then if was my first Target book.
And you never forget your first Target book.
Jump forward forty years, and I’m running the London Film and Comic Con’s ‘Comic Zone’. I find that Jeff Cummins had enquired about attending, and immediately invite him as cheap doxycycline a guest. And, a couple of weeks before the event itself, I learn that Chris Achilleos can make one day as a guest on the Heavy Metal table.
So it was destiny, right? Especially now I have signed prints of both covers from Jeff and Chris, framed and about to go on my office wall. 🙂
This weekend I saw and spoke to nine different Doctors at the London Film and Comic Con, but *this* is the thing that I really wish I could go back and tell my eight year old self about…