My Dad, The Fanboy…

So as I’m not going anywhere exciting right now, I’m raiding my old photos to provide new stories for you. And today’s is one that covers many years.
In the early 90s I was injured badly and took several years to heal from a partial paralysis. During this time I got back into comics, and spent a lot of time hanging around a Hounslow comic store called Twilight Zone Comics, owned by a guy named Anis. For his 30th birthday, myself and an artist friend, Mark, who also hung out there created a special comic for him, photocopied together and with a felt-tip coloured cover.
Then, literally overnight Twilight Zone Comics folded. And I never saw Anis again.
Until 2008.
I was signing at Orbital Comics in London with Gary Russell – it was my first London signing for Doctor Who, and even my Dad had turned up. And while signing, a familiar comic was placed in front of me to sign. I looked up and saw Anis, smiling widely. We grabbed a photo and I promised to catch up with him later. And for the remainder of the signing I saw that Anis had been collared by my Dad, who spoke at him animatedly.
In the pub after the signing, I learned that after the store had closed, Anis had become a tech presenter on QVC, one of our home shopping networks. And, more importantly, my Dad recognised him, as he bought a lot of his tech from QVC. In fact, the camera that took this photo, by my Dad, was bought from QVC on a show that Anis had hosted.
Anis sold my Dad the camera that took the photo of me and Anis.
It truly is a small world, and more importantly the good people always come back into your life.
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