Mister Clip Clop has arrived…

So the nice people at Hachette Books / Franklin Watts sent me the first hard cover proofs of MISTER CLIP CLOP – INTERGALACTIC SPACE UNICORN and THE TIMELY ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN CLOCK!
Mister Clip Clop first began existence as RAVEN SABLEMANE, a Kymellian character in a CAPTAIN BRITAIN reboot that eventually never happened – named ‘Mister Clip-Clop’ purely to annoy him – but when the series didn’t happen I always knew that I wanted to use the name. And eventually when Adrian Cole of Hachette asked me to come up with the eight BANDITS books, I knew he had to be one of them.
Captain Clock is my ‘not Doctor Who’ story – he’s a time traveller who bounces around the universe with his companions William Shakespeare, Robin Hood, Young Queen Victoria and a giant robotic T-Rex called Ermentrude, fighting the Time Vikings with the help of a little girl and her sister. Again, a story I wanted to do for ages that was deemed ‘too silly’ when I wrote Doctor Who for IDW 🙂
Both books are out in May, so expect me to be going on about them a lot!