Eleven Years…

So I was visiting the MCM Comic Con this weekend – I also realised today that it’s exactly eleven years since I first met Colin Baker at a previous MCM Comic Con.
in May 2008 I was writing The Forgotten and was scripting the Sixth Doctor section. The first issue hadn’t been released yet, and I had no idea at the time of the impact that this comic was going to have, not only on my career, but on the rest of my life.
I introduced myself shyly to Colin, explained what I was doing, expecting him to be unhappy with this usurper playing with his character – but instead he was incredibly friendly, kind and gave me tons of encouragement. He even offered me his jacket to wear in the photo, but I told him it would always be his.
Over the years I’ve met Colin countless times, and am honoured to call him my friend. Looking back, I can’t believe it’s only been eleven years. It feels like a lifetime.
And WHAT a lifetime.