Dodge & Twist…

So it’s just gone up for pre-sale in Australia, and I know it’ll hit elsewhere around the world over the next few hours / days, so I can finally announce that after twelve years since creation, DODGE & TWIST is out next month from Audible as a full cast audio.
It’s twelve half-hour episodes, written by me, directed by the awesome David Darlington and starring James Joyce as Twist, Will Howard as Dodger, Matt Lucas as Fagin (even though he’s dead), Michael Socha as Noah Claypole and Kara Tointon as Betsy, Nancy’s younger sister. Added to this we have an incredible cast including Tom Goodman-Hill, who I’ve been a fan of for years as Percival Bateman, Stephen Mangan as Charles Dickens and Andrew Secombe as Inspector Hine among others and, having watched a day of recording, I can tell you that they’re amazing.
For those of you that know me, DODGE & TWIST has been close to my heart for years, and was almost scuppered by a similar project by Ahmet Zappa – but eventually came through as this audio series. And with Audible and Amazon hand in hand, who knows what could happen next… Well actually, I do – but I’m not saying anything!
So yeah, DODGE & TWIST is a serialised radio drama now, a modern day equivalent of the original, paper serialisation that OLIVER TWIST was. And from the 12th December, all episodes will be able to be listened to from Audible.
And, until the end of the year, the original Kindle book is 99p!