Ten Years Ago…

Going through my hard drive and I’ve found a folder of con photos from 2008, especially from San Diego Comic Con 2008, where DOCTOR WHO: THE FORGOTTEN had just come out and IDW were pimping it heavily.

And at some point during the weekend I’d managed to get a PR shot with a Doctor Who / Torchwood gathering.

Looking at the photo, it’s insane to see

how many people I class now as good, if not close friends in this group – none of whom I really knew back then. Half hidden behind my head is Kevin Kittridge, at the far left is Aubrey West, beside me is Scott Sebring and beside him is Jessica Montague who, with Kaitlin Kagawa (three to my right) and Salina Conlan below her became three of my closest friends in the community, AND are the three people to blame for bringing me to #GallifreyOne, and therefore starting the whole North American ‘Who’ convention circuit for me.

I can see others too that I recognise – insane that at this moment I didn’t have a clue who any of these people were, and they had no clue who this weird Brit in a tie and vest was, either…

Here’s another photo from the San Diego Comic Con 2008 folder – this was at the Circle of Confusion party on (I believe) the Thursday night – it’s the first real time I properly got to meet Deric J. Hughes, now killing it on the CW, but also

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the second time I’d met Mick Foley, one of my all time favourite wrestlers.

He was nice enough to pretend to remember me from the last convention we were

both guests at…

(And I think the photo was taken by Neil Kleid, but I can’t be sure…)