15 years ago I learned of Steven Callahan on a Ray Mears show, and immediately bought his book ADRIFT.
In 2011 I started hunting the rights.
In 2015 I spoke with Steven and the rights holders.
In 2018 I gained the book option.
Today, I finished the 1st draft of the screenplay.
Never settle for anything less than the best that you can give. You want to do something? Keep trying for it. For three years I ensured that the moment the option lapsed with another party, I would move on it. I showed the holders the passion I had for the story.
Sure, it might not get made. That’s LA for you. Sure, the option might eventually go to someone else.
But at the end of the day I went for it and did my best. And now, I’m taking a well deserved rest before I start the 2nd draft of it…