The Bandits Are Coming…

Oho! I can finally announce that I’m doing a series of eight Graphic Novels for Hachette / Franklin Watts books called BANDITS, with eight amazing artists!

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, and with a focus on reluctant reading teenagers, we have:

Grandpa’s Goalscarers – art by Ben Scrutton
Agent of P.A.W.S. – art by Wil Overton
Space Corps – art by Ryan Pentney
The Great Pet Shop Robbery – art by Giovanni Costa
Teacher Creatures – art by Marc Ellerby
The Timely Adventures of Captain Clock – art by Pol Cunyat
My Little Brother’s a Zombie – art by Tony Westwood
Mister Clip Clop – Intergalactic Space Unicorn – art by Neil Slorance

Very excited to see what people think of these as I’ve been working on some of these for a very long time! And here’s the cover to AGENT OF P.A.W.S, starring our two female leads, Jenny and ‘Detective Dog’…


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