Audio / Visual

Screenplay writing (film and TV scripts) from pitch through to finished draft. Also have experience in script editing and polishing. Audio script writing and editing experience (single episode / long form series).

GNs / Comics

Over ten years of Comic and Graphic Novel scripting; experience includes concept design, blocking out, outlining, full script, lettering, editing. Single episode / ongoing comic / original Graphic Novel.

Talks / Workshops

Graphic Novel / Screenwriting classes: Raindance, Warwick Uni, Bucks Uni, Edinburgh Book Festival. 'Change The Channel' tour - primarily UK school based, talks and creative workshops aimed at reluctant readers.

 About Tony

About Tony

A multiple-time New York Times Best-seller List and Eagle Award winning Writer, Tony Lee has worked professionally for over thirty years, including a decade in trade journalism and media marketing/creation for radio. Since returning to comics in 2003 he has written for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Titan Publishing, Markosia, 2000ad and IDW Publishing amongst others, writing a variety of creator owned titles and licenses that include X-Men, Spider Man, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Superboy, Starship Troopers, Wallace & Gromit and Shrek.

Outside of comics he has written several novels aimed at reluctant readers published by Badger Learning, including Stalker, Mister Scratch, Doctor Jekyll and Little Miss Hyde, Otis, Noticed and Jigsaw Lady, as well as several audio plays for Big Finish, including the Doctor Who Fifth Doctor adventure Rat Trap - and he has audio series in development with Audible / Amazon, and is writing a Robin of Sherwood full cast audio for Spiteful Puppet / ITV.

Focusing now on Film and TV, he’s recently written for BBC One’s Doctors, and has several films and TV shows in development / production including In The Ring and Stoker's Monster with BoxFly, The Thirty Nine Steps with Damage Cat, an untitled Robin Hood project with The Hollywood Gang and a yet unnanounced project with Noel Clarke's Unstoppable Entertainment.

In addition to this, he travels the world with his Change The Channel school tour, aimed at helping reluctant readers into picking up books.

Recent Releases

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The Timely Adventures of Captain Clock (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
The Timely Adventures of Captain Clock (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
Mister Clip-Clop: Intergalactic Space Unicorn (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
Space Corps (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
Space Corps (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
Grandpa's Goalscarers (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
The Great Pet Shop Rescue (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
The Great Pet Shop Rescue (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
Teacher Creatures (GN) Franklin Watts / EDGE
"Doctors" - 'To Walk In Her Shoes' (TV) BBC One
"Doctors" - 'To Walk In Her Shoes' (TV) BBC One
Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Archives 3 (GN) Titan Publishing

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    When I was a kid, the only thing I knew about Budapest was from a song in the musical CHESS, which talks about the 1956 Budapest Rising. That was pretty much it, apart from a barely remembered weekend break there about fifteen years ago, where all I remember visiting was a restaurant called ‘Sir Lancelot’s‘, […]

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    Oho! I can finally announce that I’m doing a series of eight Graphic Novels for Hachette / Franklin Watts books called BANDITS, with eight amazing artists! Aimed at 8-12 year olds, and with a focus on reluctant reading teenagers, we have: Grandpa’s Goalscarers – art by Ben Scrutton Agent of P.A.W.S. – art by Wil […]

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    So last week I had a momentous occasion. Two, really. The first was that I was at the BBC / Massive Events Sherlocked USA convention in Los Angeles as the host – and more of that later – but the second, and more important of the two was that on Friday 26th May ay 1.45pm I became an official BBC Drama […]

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